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The water gem is Europe's best selling under sink water filter system and is designed for simple DIY installation. The water gem will improve the quality of your drinking water, giving you fresh crystal clear water on tap in your home. Not only will the water gem improve taste and odours it will reduce chlorine and other chemicals, as well as filtering sediment and rust.

Water Gem comes complete with:

- everything you need for simple DIY fitting,
- clear step by step instructions.
- no need to cut off the water supply or to cut any pipes.

The Water Gem can be fitted into all kitchen units and the tap installed either surface mounted or countersunk sink units. The filter cartridge is easily replaced with simple push in connectors.

Additional information

The filter cartridge is easily replaced with simple push-in connectors.  Removes bad tastes, odour and discolouration. It also removes sediment particles and rust and it reduces chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and industrial chemicals


Price: £52.50
Buy 2 from only £50.17

Replacement Water Gem Plus filter cartridge which improves taste / odour and reduces dirt / sediment down to 20 microns as well as inhibiting scale.

The convenient 'twist fit' head supplied with your existing Water Gem Plus kit enables you to change the filter quickly without shutting off your water supply.

Additional information

Filter Dimensions

Length: 26cm Diameter: 19.5cm


3,000 Litres

Micron Rating

20 Micron

Fitting Type

Fits dedicated filter head. (Head connections: 1/4” Pushfit)