10" Dosaprop Polyphosphate Refillable Doser
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Unless hard water in your heating system is treated, scale builds up in the heat exchangers pipework and immersion heater elements. Only 1.5 mm of scale build up will increase your energy consumption by 12% per year.

This 10" Clear Unit uses polyphosphate in a dilute form and acts as a sequester preventing precipitation of calcium scale as well as offering a level of protection against corrosion.

The polyphosphates forms bonds with the scale causing minerals, which make them more water soluble. The hard minerals remain in the solution as opposed to depositing scale on heat exchangers. This means that the treatment is permanent so storage of water in tanks and thermo stores remains protected at all times

This proportional dosing system is equiped with a special suction device which makes use of the "venturi effect" dosing the main water flow with polyphosphate at an ammount below the imposed regulation of 5 mg/l of water.

These kits are easily installed just in front of the boiler on the cold water inlet feed or at the mains for whole house protection. 15mm or 22mm versions available. This unit has significantly lower running costs as the internal dispenser is refillable allowing you to buy Polyphosphate refills that contain more dosing capacity than disposable refill cartridges.

Additional information
  • Prevents deposition of scaling minerals such as Calcium & Magnesium Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Prevents rusting of iron pipework
  • Improves PH value of water and prevents acid water dissolving Copper Pipework
  • Lower Running Costs than conventional systems with Disposable Cartridges
  • 100,000 ltrs of water treated approximately with one refill
  • 3/4" BSP ports Can be installed on 15mm or 22mm Pipework with Push Fit Connectors
  • Direction of flow can be decided before attaching the bracket so makes installation easier 
  • Unit supplied with Bracket, Spanner and RefIllable Cartridge with Polyphosphate