Commercial 10" Big Blue High Flow Housing
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Wassermann 10" Big Blue High Flow Housing (HF76 Alternative)

The Wassermann Big Blue (BB) High Flow Filter Housing with 3/4", 1'' or 1.5" inlet and outlet ports is a compatible replacement or alternative to the HF76 Housing and can accept any 10” BB filter. The unit has a pressure release button to relieve water pressure when changing cartridges.

This high quality and robust housing comes with a hefty steel support bracket, a spanner for easy opening of the unit and fixing screws. If connecting to 15mm pipe, the 3/4" port size is recommended or 1" port size for 22" pipe and 1.5" ports for 28" pipe to maximise flow rates. The housing has female BSP ports and will require th correct fitting for the installation. Fit on cold water lines only and protect the unit from freezing.

When a filter change is required, the water supply to the housing needs to be switched off, therefore it is recommended to install isolating valves on either side of the unit in order to do so easily without turning off the mains water supply each time.

Additional information

Specifications for 1'' BSP female Inlet / Outlet::
Max flow through empty housing: Approx 76 l/m at 3 bar (42psi)*
Min pressure: Approx 2 Bar (28psi)
Max pressure: 6.8 Bar (100 psa)
Max water temp: 20°C Water, 30°C ambient
Diameter: 182mm
Height: 350mm
Housing material: Polypropylene
Colour: Blue
Filters cartridges: 10 inch nominal

Built in pressure relief valve
Metal fixing bracket

* Flow rate through housing:
The maximum flow rate shows the flow through an empty housing. The flow will decrease according to the type of cartridge installed and the water supply pressure.