Wassermann Automatic Digital Timer Controlled 10ltr Water Softener
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The Wassermann Automatic Timer Controlled water softener is suitable up to 3 to 4 people in a household.  Its compact design is ideal for under sink installation with an easily accessible salt bin for refilling with tablet salt. It uses the extremely reliable Autotrol Logix valve and has a quick and easy to use digital programming display to set the regeneration cycle.

Depending on your water usage it can be programmed to regenerate from twice a day for very high water usage to once every three weeks for very low usage, giving you the flexibly and reliability to keep your whole household constantly running on soft water. This machine is designed to use less water and salt making it one of the most economical water softener of its size. The control panel is also detachable should you wish to mount it elsewhere (up to 1 meter).

To ensure that your water is not only always soft but solvent free, all Wassermann Water Softeners use a purified resin that is food grade and does not contain chlorinated solvents. You can therefore rest assured that using a Wasserman system you water is always safe and solvent free.

Simple to install, this machine can be fitted by any qualified plumber or DIY enthusiast. (see installation kits below or look in Installation Kits category for more options)

Additional information

Supplied with 15mm standard fixing kit

H: 530mm
W: 270mm
D: 460mm

Technical specifications:
Connections Inlet/Outlet 3/4" BSP male parallel
Drain 1/2" Hose Connector
Overflow 1/2" Hose connector
Operating Parameters: Max operating Pressure 8 bar (116 p.s.i )
A 5 bar pressure limiting valve should be installed to protect the machine from excessive pressure
Min Operating Pressure 1 bar (14.5 p.s.i )
Max water temperature 30 degree C
Min water temperature Protect from freezing
Transformer-13amp/ 12V
Softener Resin volume 1x 10 litres
Salt Storage capacity 20Kg tablet salt
1706Ltr per cycle Capacity per regen at 300ppm hardness
900 gm Salt used per regeneration
65% Salt efficiency
50 litres / min peak flow at 2 bar pressure drop
30 litres / min Rated service flow at 1 bar pressure drop
76 litres Water used per Regeneration
1.9 1/ min Maximum flow rate to drain
72 Minutes Maximum Regeneration Time
< 1mg per litre Softened water hardness