Spectrum 20 volumetric valve (max vessel diamiter 16")
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SPECTRUM S20, volumetric valve with 2" inlet/outlet, max vessel ø16", 230V mains powered

SPECTRUM 7, 12 and 20 valves are best suited to commercial and industrial applications due to their high flow rate capabilities. Intelligent electronics and a lightweight fibreglass construction results in exceptionally adaptable and usable valves.

SPECTRUM 7, 12 and 20 valves are the obvious choice when high flow rates are required. The valves have been designed with minimal parts that are common amongst the range to help reduce maintenance time as well as spare part stock holding. Each valve is packed with an array of features and the advanced electronics offer flexibility and customisation to cater for the users exact requirements.

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key product features:

- Blending valve allows complete control over hardness
- Integrated bypass to allow usage of hard water when soft water is not required i.e. grey water applications
- Immediate or delayed regeneration for optimal salt usage
- One of the lightest industrial valves on the market weighing under 4kg
- Downflow or upflow compatible
- Visual alarm indicates when salt refill is due
- Automatically calculates optimal cycle time based on resin and hardness level which reduces overall salt usage
- Intelligent and flexible electronics
- Two levels of access allows the valve to be configured by an engineer (with access to advanced technical details) or by the end user with access to general system operation settings
- Up to 4 programmable regenerations per day
- History reports show the last 5 regenerations enabling system diagnostics
- Can be controlled by an external flow meter
- Corrosion resistant
- 230V mains powered