Suez Hytrex 19.5" Filter Cartridge - (BOX QTY ONLY)
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Suez Hytrex Filter 19 1/2" or 20"

SOLD IN BOX QUANTITY ONLY - (in increments of 20 units)

The Hytrex depth cartridge filter family is an exceptional value for general applications where long life, high purity, and low change-out frequency are required. The Hytrex family is 100% pure polypropylene depth filters (including adapters), with exceptional dirt-holding capacity. The true-graded density filter matrix (lower density at the surface of the filter with progressively higher density toward the center) captures particles throughout the entire filter depth. This construction translates to longer life and fewer change-outs compared to existing string-wound or other competitive depth filters.

What is the difference between Hytrex and Purtrex?
The Hytrex (GX) filter is a heavy-duty industrial car-tridge and the Purtrex (PX) is an economy industrial cartridge. Because the GX filter has more polypropyl-ene per TIE (for equivalent nominal micron ratings), it is a stronger cartridge than the PX. The GX cartridge is also approximately more efficient at its micron rat-ing than the PX cartridge.

Typical Applications: High Purity Chemicals, Bottled Water, Pre-treatment for Reverse Osmosis, Oil & Gas, Electronics

Select micron size required and optional end cap above.

Please contact us for pricing if larger quantities are required or if a different configuration/size is required.

Additional information
  • Embossed for product identification
  • 71°C
  • Pure Polypropylene
  • Made by Suez (formally GE)

Product codes for 20":    --  19 1/2" are available by request. Please contuct us for details

GX-01-20.........1 micron - 20"
GX-03-20.........3 micron - 20"
GX-05-20.........5 micron - 20"
GX-10-20........10 micron - 20"
GX-20-20........20 micron - 20"
GX-30-20........30 micron - 20"
GX-50-20........50 micron - 20"
GX-75-20........75 micron - 20"