Commercial Pressure Vessel
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Price: £44.10 44.10

Lot-coded for product tracking and traceability, the SPECTRUM range of black pressure vessels, also known as DI or resin tanks, are NSF tested and certified to ensure product quality and reliability.

Constructed from food grade high density polyethylene (HDPE) and reinforced with >fibreglass for added strength, temperature and pressure ratings, the vessels set a new standard delivering great performance and value for money.

Exceeding industry norms, the SPECTRUM vessels are tested to four times their >maximum operating pressure (42 bar) as well as cycle-tested 250,000 times (NSF’s requirement is 100,000) from 0-10.5 bar.

Additional information

SPECTRUM Distribution Systems

A distribution system comprises a head, riser tube, lower screen and upper screen. The water to be treated enters the vessel through the head, via the upper screen and is distributed evenly throughout the media. The pressure of the incoming feed forces the water down through the media, treating it before exiting via the lower screen and up the riser tube.

SPECTRUM Premier Head & Fittings

Eliminate the hassle of additional fittings with the new Premier head and distribution system option.

Key Product Features:

  • Quick and easy push-fitting port connections
  • Three male port connectors available - ½”, ¾” and 1"
  • Ports can be changed for different applications, using the same head
  • Secure ports with red locking clips (included)
  • Internal twist-locking tabs in the Premier head and upper screen guarantee a secure fit