Helix Water Conditioner With 15mm Connections

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Helix Water Conditioner With 15mm Connections
Model: HS15

Want Soft Water But Not The Salt?

The Helix Water Conditioner will reduce the calcium hardness in your water and give you the benefits of soft water without the salt and the space hogging equipment. Get one today and control the build-up of scale on your valuable appliances.



Our Helix Static Water Conditioners are a proven water conditioner that works using advanced technology.

Max flow rate: 8 litres per minute.

- Energy costs are saved due to reduction in insulating scale thickness.

- WRAS APPROVED and DU PONT materials certified.

- Fit and forget for 5 years - Helix-Static products are guaranteed for 5 years against manufacturing defects. No electricity or salt are needed which also means service and maintenance costs are reduced dramatically.

- Corrosion control. Unlike a traditional water softener the Helix will not alter the PH levels of your water so therefore you will get no pipe work corrosion over time.

- Suitable for potable water use, unlike a water softener it is perfectly safe to drink the treated water after it has been through the Helix-Static conditioner.

- With water softeners it is not recommended that the young, elderly or pregnant drink water with added salt content.

- Smaller size than a conventional water softener allows for quick installation in confined spaces.

- As well as the reduced service costs the initial purchase price of one of our Helix conditioners is lower than that of a water softener.

- Complies with Building Regulations part L. No effluent to drain (cost saving in process).

Additional Information

Additional Information


- WRAS Approved

- DU-PONT certified

- Limescale and corrosion reduction

- Smaller than a water softener

- No electricity or salt required