Water Softeners Systems

Best4PureWater are pleased to offer a wide range of Water Softeners and water softener solutions If you live in a Hard Water area, our softener products are proven to improve the quality of your water. Banish limescale damaged kettles and scum around your bath with a simple yet effective system. Choose from timer or meter controlled or non electric water softeners installed under your sink which effectively remove limescale permanently from your water supply or polyphosphate scale inhibitors which prevent limescale build up. There are also financial benefits from purchasing a water softener system as limescale removal from your water will prevent costly repairs or replacement to your boiler and appliances as well as spending less on cleaning chemicals such as limescale remover and using less washing powder and shampoos. Your water softener will pay for its self over time!

What is Hard Water and how to remove limescale?

 Hard water is created by the presence of Calcium, Magnesium and other metal based ions naturally occurring in the water. Location can often be a huge factor with the surrounding natural environment deciphering the ion count. The water is softened by completely removing the Calcium & Magnesium safely without any harmful chemicals via an ion exchange unit which replaces them with a very small amount Sodium.  Hard water areas will particularly benefit from our devices avoiding costly boiler breakdowns, excessive use of cleaning products and reduction of scum. There has also been evidence to support a medical benefit of softening water for those suffering from skin complaints such as eczema, Psoriasis and sensitive skin.

Stocking a wide variety of softeners at varying costs, including our leading brand Wassermann, Best4PureWater are sure that you will find one to suit your needs. Good, quality service is essential to us, with free shipping on orders over £50, we are budget conscious and environmentally friendly, Best4PureWater are the first choice for perfect water.