Water Leak Detection Alarm and Shut Off Valve.

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Water Leak Detection Alarm and Shut Off Valve.
Model: AS414V

  • Water Leak Detection Alarm & Shut-off Valve

  • Loud clear audible alarm sounds when water leak is detected

  • Shuts off water to prevent damage

  • Comes with 1 wired sensor

  • Motorised full flow 1/2" valve

  • Ideal for individual appliance protection alert

  • Battery Powered

  • Low battery chirp indicator

  • Can be used for washing machine, dishwasher, water filtration etc.



Water Leak Detector Alarm and Shutoff Valve

This small battery operated unit will detect leaks and sound an alarm whilst shutting off the water supply to prevent damage. This unit has a full flow 1/2" motorised valve which will close in the event of a leak being detected by the wired sensor. It is especially useful for individual water using appliances such as water coolers, vending machines, water filters, reverse osmosis units, water heaters, washing machines, water softeners and many other appliances. It has 1/2" BSPF fittings (male on one side and female on the other). Can also be connected on flexible tubes/hoses with the relevant fittings.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Water Leak Detection Alarm & Shut-off Valve

It is ideal for:
Water Softeners
Washing Machines
Under-sink Locations
Boilers & Water Storage Tanks