Crown Non Electric Twin Tank Block Salt Water Softener

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Crown Non Electric Twin Tank Block Salt Water Softener

Regular Price: £979.17

Special Price £895.00

Model: WM1054S

Runs entirely on water pressure - no electrical supply required
Twin Tank maintains continuous supply of soft water 24 hrs per day
Block salt is easy to handle and store
Low water consumption on regeneration
Low running costs
Compact design for easy installation Internal
Unit can be Turned so Inlet/Outlet Ports can be on either side Fits all plumbing systems, please refer to fixing kits to match to your system
Warranty 1 Year Parts and Labour

Regular Price: £979.17

Special Price £895.00



Crown Water Softeners produced by Harvey's Water Softeners are British made high end water softeners. Made to the highest specification and performance they offer the lowest running cost of most Non-Electric Softener. Without the need for routine servicing, it makes the total cost of ownership very attractive compared to Single Tank Electric Softeners.

This softener uses fine resin beads to speed up the regeneration cycle, its dual cylinder design cuts wastage and maintenance costs. Beads in one cylinder can self-regenerate using soft water from the other, keeping valves free of lime scale damage, while the online cylinder keeps up the continuous household supply.

Superior Salt Loading
This unit uses a purpose-designed block salt which comes in an easily handled size that's more convenient to load and store. When the block needs replacing, the unit's special sliding lid gives extra easy access.

The Silent Performer
So economical - but so effective Although this water softener is very compact, its clever side-valve design allows for maximum softening capacity. So for a system that takes up little space, works unobtrusively, needs no mains electricity supply and virtually looks after itself - it's quite a performer.

Advanced Automatic Metering
It doesn't matter how much your water consumption varies, your Softener unit won't need adjusting - even if you go on holiday. That's because the water flow is accurately measured automatically, so only the right amount of salt is used at any time.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Hot Water System Conventional System with Loft Tanks, Unvented Mains Fed Hot Water System




Block Salt

Easy to store, easy to handle & load.


Cheaper to run than electric machines. No Part P requirement for electrical outlet near the softener, no complicated timers or programmers to set up. Quiet in operation.

50 Litres per Min Flow Rate

Suitable for vented or unvented systems and up to a maximum of 2 bathrooms.

Twin Tank (Cylinders)

Never run out of soft water.

Up to 50% less salt usage.

Compact Size

Fit in a kitchen cupboard.

Displacement Metering

Only regenerates upon actual usage.


Technical Specifications:




3/4" bsp male parallel


3/8” Outside Diameter tube


1/2” hose spigot

Maximum working pressure

8 bar (6 bar daytime)

Minimum working pressure

1 bar

Minimum working temperature

Protect from freezing

Salt Storage

2 x 4kg blocks

Salt used per regeneration


Water used per regeneration

17 litres

Regeneration time

15 minutes

Maximum flow rate

50 Ltrs/min


H 490mm (19.3in) x D 460mm (18.1in) x W 212mm (8.4in)
Please allow 20mm for the elbow connections on the side of the softener

Single or Twin Tank Twin Tank