Wassermann Hardness Test Kit & Resin Restorer

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Wassermann Hardness Test Kit & Resin Restorer

Easy to use Chemical Drop test kit combined with 1 dose Resin Restorer

Hardness Test Kit:
Easy to use home test kit
Results in minutes
Can be used to give total hardness level in ppm (Parts per Million) Just count the drops, no comparison chart necessary
Ideal for calibrating water softener or just checking that its working
Great value for money compared to tablet tests

Resin Restorer:
Non hazardous cleaner to rejuvenate the efficiency of water softener resin.
Easy to apply by adding to the salt tank - the softener's natural regeneration cycle takes care of the rest
Treat regularly as part of your maintenance regime to keep the resin in tip top condition
Helps maintain efficiency and reduce overall running costs



Hardness Water Test Kit:
This easy to use home test kit is an ideal way to verify your water hardness level prior to purchasing a water softener or use it as a random check that your current softener is performing correctly.

This is a simple chemical kit, just count the drops into the tumbler with a measured amount of water. Each drop counts as 20 ppm of hardness, count the drops until the sample turns blue. 

Wassermann Resin Restorer:
Resin Restorer is a non hazardous cleaner specially developed to help maintain your softener resin in perfect condition. By regular use your softener efficiency can be maintained and reduce running costs.

If the water supply has noticeably deteriorated, it may be necessary to add a second treatment or possibly interrupt the regeneration process to allow the resin to soak in the solution for a period of time.

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