Lifescience Electronic Water Scale Conditioner ESI

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Lifescience Electronic Water Scale Conditioner ESI
Model: LESI

The ESI can be used as a whole house or single appliance conditioner
Helps lower heating bills by reducing scale
Easy install, no plumbing required
Removes existing scale and prevents formation of new limescale.
Works on most piping material including plastic pipe
Fit to hot or cold water pipes
Suitable for pipe diameters 15 & 22
Low maintenance and running costs
100 day Money Back Guarantee



How the ESI works:
The controller generates a low frequency Electronic signal by the antennae or aerial wrapped on the exterior of the pipe. These electronic signals are transmitted through the pipe and into the water flow.
This changes the crystallisation characteristics of the hardness salts in the water thereby inhibiting the build up of hard damaging scale. As the calcium and magnesium is not actually removed the water maintains its health giving qualities.

Made by Lifescience Products, the Makers of Water King Electronic Scale conditions, this unit will offer comparable if not better performance than the Liff Wrappa, Salamanda Wave, Scalemaster Sonic, Aquadial Electron and Fernox.

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