Spectrum Ion-X Heavy Metal Removal Cartridge 20'' BB

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Spectrum Ion-X Heavy Metal Removal Cartridge 20'' BB
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Model: SRHM-20BB

Not all harmful impurities in potable water supplies can be detectable by taste and/or smell alone and even low levels of nitrates are toxic. The Ion-X nitrate series of cartridges is the most cost effective, point-of-use treatment, specifically designed to target and remove nitrates. The process removes the harmful nitrates by exchanging them for harmless chloride ions as they pass through the resin cartridge.



Ion-X from SPECTRUM is an effective range of contaminant removal cartridges.

Heavy Metals - Ion-X SRHM:

When present in water, heavy metals can have harmful effects on health as well as interfering with the manufacture and effectiveness of sensitive applications, i.e. the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. This cost effective range provides a simple and proficient solution for the removal of heavy metals such as lead, zinc, mercury, copper, chromium, etc. from potable water supplies.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Effective point-of-use solution for the removal of metals such as lead, zinc, mercury, copper and chromium from potable water supplies.

The SRHM also has softening capabilities achieved without sodium dosing. Excellent selectivity for heavy metal reduction, the SRHM can be used as an economic alternative for some point-of-use heavy metal removal resins.

The inert properties of polypropylene coupled with the WRAS approved resin used in the SRHM means the cartridge is suitable for use in acids, alkalis and other common solvent application.

Internal pre and post filters protect the heavy metal resin bed preventing potential migration.