Hard water - Costs you hard cash

Hard water - Costs you hard cash

The hard facts of living in England and Wales.Hard Water Map of England and Wales

As you can see from the map, many more people live in
hard water areas than soft. If you want to know how hard
your local water is, simply ask your local dealer to test
your water.

Sixty percent of Britain has hard water. Although water is
treated before it reaches our taps the hard minerals remain,
causing scale and scum.

How does water become hard?

Rain water is naturally soft. It only becomes hard if it
percolates through chalk and limestone and dissolves some
of the minerals. Water which falls on hard rock stays soft. So
the kind of water you have depends on the surrounding
geology and the source of your water supply - whether it's
river or ground water.

The Water Cycle




     Are you living in one of these
     hard water areas?

         Well over half of the homes in the British Isles are supplied with
         water from a hard water source.
A glance at the map will show
         you the areas involved. If you live in one of these areas a
         Water Softener
would make all the difference.


     The Hard Facts
     of ScaleScaled up pipes

         If you live in a hard water
         area, you'll soon know
         - just look in the kettle -
                                                                                                                                 furred up appliances are
                                                                                                                                 just one of the problems.

Fuel Wasted


Bathroom scale





Limescale in hot water cylinder








Scale also collects in your water heating system with symptoms such as sludge, noisy radiators, reduced flow and efficiency. It also blocks shower heads, again reducing flow and efficiency. Eventually your entire hot water system becomes so inefficient it will require replacement - and the same goes for appliances such as kettles and washing machines. Hard water is actually costing you hard-earned money.

The Solution - Soft Water

Our range of water softeners meet the needs
of every size and type of household. Where
space is really tight, the powerful
Wassermann 350 Non Electric
provide softened water for up to 15 people
and only measuring up to 535mm high -
Best 4 Water Softeners
they can be installed in virtually any location -
kitchen cupboards, under the stairs,
utility rooms, garage or even outside.

What sort of salt can be used?

Depending on the softener installed, Tablet or Granular salt
that has been specially formulated for softeners should always
be used. It is easy enough to buy and is
available in 10kg and 25kg bags.

Simple operation

All the water Softeners available from Best 4 Water Softeners have been specially selected for their quality and reliabilty and can supply a model to suit your need or preferences from timer controlled or Meter controlled to fully automatic models. Utilising a system known as'ion exchange' they remove hardness by water passing through a special resin. Cleaning of the resin is initiated by either meter or time clock control. During this process known as 'regeneration', the resin is flushed with salt water which disperses the chalk the resin has collected and is automatically rinsed to drain. All you have to do is to top up the unit with tablet salt from time to time. Some models have a clear lid making it is easy to see when to add more salt. 

Save money on

  • Washing powder
  • Fabric conditioner
  • Cleaning stuff
  • Hand cream
  • Bath salts and oils
  • Hair shampoo
  • Hair conditioner
  • Soap
  • Washing up products
  • Dishwashing products
  • Cleaning materials


When you use softened water

You will use less soap, shampoo, washing powder and cleaning materials to get perfect results - sometimes as much as 50% less and the lather won't just suddenly disappear.

Your cutlery and glassware will dry wonderfully and if you have a dishwasher you may never have to put salt in it again. Softened water saves time too - bathroom and kitchen cleaning becomes little more than a quick rinse. Work out how much you are spending on time and cleaning materials - you'll soon see how significant the savings can be.

Shower Head

It's never too late

Your water pipes and hot water cylinder could already be suffering from scale build-up, but it's never too late to solve the problem. Softened water gradually removes scale from water pipes, hot water cylinders and shower heads so that they eventually return to peak efficiency - and stay that way!

Environmentally friendly

Using softened water means you use less soap and detergent and therefore there are less chemicals to rinse away. 'Green' detergents which perhaps didn't satisfy you in the past will lather and clean better with softened water.

Mum & baby

You'll enjoy your shower at its full power once                                                           
again, with water at the proper pressure                                    
Softened water means bath time is
through a free flowing shower head.                                           
something special. Many people                                                                                                           find that certain skin conditions                                                                                                            such as eczema are helped by 
softened water.


If you would like advice on which water softener model will suit you best, please call us on 0843 289 8778