Everpure BW100 under-sink filter system

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Everpure BW100 under-sink filter system
Model: EV966816FS


- Complete system with tap, self tapping valve, quick change head and 12 month cartridge
- Removes chlorine, bad taste and odour for great tasting water
- Removes 99.9% iron, manganese oxide, rust, sulphur, lead, copper, cadmium, aluminium, asbestos fibres and parasites such as cryptosporidium
- Reduces scale
- Huge capacity cartridge with 12 month filter life

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The Everpure BW100 Filter System is a great choice for anyone looking for superior contaminant reduction on hard water supplies. This system produces premium quality water while while reducing a long list of contaminants. Manufactured to Everpure's world class standards, the BW100 Filter System will improve your tea, coffee, and other beverages and give you confidence that your water is truly safe.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Everpure BW100 Filter Cartridge

The Everpure BW100 and BW400 are identical in size and filtration performance.

The BW100 though includes a scale reduction system which reduces the scale that commonly forms in kettles and ice makers. (5,000 litre capacity or 12 monthly cartridge replacement.)

This filter is also a suitable replacement for Culligan's DW100 / DW400 system; both filters are made by Everpure have the same specification making this filter a very cost effective way of servicing your Culligan system.