Crown Ultra Non Electric High Performance Twin Tank Water Softener

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Crown Ultra Non Electric High Performance Twin Tank Water Softener
Model: WM1456S

  • Requires No Electricity

  • Requires No Servicing

  • Twin Tank ensures round the clock Softened Water

  • Separate Salt Bin

  • Tablet Salt ensures optimum Lowest Running Cost

  • Low water Usage, only 37 litres per regeneration

  • Side entry inlet/Outlet Port makes for easier installation and access.

  • 1" Inlet/Outlet Ports with adapters to convert to 3/4" ports if required

  • Designed for 4-6 Bathroom

  • Max Flow 80 litres/min

  • Unit can hold 15kg of Salt

  • Suitable for Heavy Demand.

  • Warranty 12 months Parts & Labour



Wassermann Water Softeners are proud to offer an exclusive, British Made, range of Non Electric Water Softeners. Made to highest specification and performance they offer the lowest running cost of any Non-Electric Softener. Without the need for routine servicing, it makes the total cost of ownership very attractive compared to Single Tank, Electric Softeners.

Working on water pressure, the unique Turbine Meter accurately monitors your water consumption, enabling the regeneration to initiate after you have consumed the designated amount of water. This ensures that you get the maximum throughput with the least amount of salt and water consumption. If you are away, then the machine waits patiently for your return and will only regenerate when the water is being used.

Non Electric Machines have no clocks to set, no problems with power cuts, just keep it supplied with salt. It's as simple as that.

Select a Fixing Kit if required which includes all of the fittings that you need to install a water softener on a 15mm, 22mm or 28mm direct or indirect system.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Hot Water System Unvented Mains Fed Hot Water System

Water Softener:
H: 500mm
D: 440mm
W: 250mm

Salt Tank:
H: 470mm
W: 440mm
D: 250mm

Technical Specifications:
inlet = 1" or 3/4" bsp male parallel
outlet = 1" or 3/4" bsp male parallel
overflow = 1/2" hose connector
drain = 1/2" Hose Connector

Operating Conditions:
Maximum operating water pressure = 8 bar
Minimum operating water pressure = 1 bar (with water flowing)
Maximum operating water temperature = 20°C
Minimum operating water temperature = protect from freezing Type of salt – tablets

Operating Data:
Salt used per regeneration Adjustable from 600g. 900g and 1300g
Maximum flow = 80 l/min
Minimum flow = > 10 l/hour
Regeneration water volume = 37 to 50 litres depending on settings
Flow rate to drain = 1.8 l/min
Regeneration Time approx 20 mins

Single or Twin Tank Twin Tank