A-Series High Rejection Membrane

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A-Series High Rejection Membrane
Model: AG


High Rejection Membrane - AG HR

The high rejection version of the AG represents a major leap forward in membrane technology, with rejection rates of 99.8% efficiency.

Available in industry standard diameters (4" and 8") the GE AG high rejection elements are designed for use with brackish water with salt concentration (TDS) levels between 1,000 and 10,000 mg/L or when very high salt rejection of monovalent ions is required. AG HR membranes operate at 2,000 mg/L NaCl solution at 15 bar pressure, 25ºC, pH 7.5, 15% recovery, after 24 hours. Individual element flux may vary ± 15%.

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The fibreglass wrapped, A-Series family of high rejection proprietary thin-film RO membranes from GE are characterised by high flux and excellent sodium chloride rejection.

Producing high quality product water from virtually any water source including surface water, tap water, well water or sea water; resistant to chemical and pH swings the GE range of pure water membranes, ensures maximum productivity and the highest mineral separation in the industry. This series meets the requirements of the majority of pure water applications and retrofits all other similar membranes.

Additional Information

Additional Information

  • High rejection, low pressure membranes for pure water applications
  • 50°C
  • Average rejection rates AG: up to 99.8% @ 15.5 bar AK: up to 99.5% @ 7.9 bar%

Operating and Design Parameters

pH range:

continuous operation 4 - 11
short term cleansing 2 - 11.5
optimum rejection 7-7.5

Feed NTU 1

Maximum feed SDI < 5

Chlorine tolerance 1,000 ppm over the life of the membrane,dechlorination.

Permeate Flow recommended maximum should not exceed specification.